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data into business
with IBM sterling

What is IBM Sterling?

IBM Sterling offers several integrated solutions such as ‘Sterling B2B Integrator’ as engine, ‘Sterling File Gateway’ as MFT solution, ‘IBM Secure Proxy’ as a reverse proxy (security), ‘Control center’ to have a view of your Sterling landscape, …
IBM Sterling B2B Integrator offers electronic message exchange in a high volume and very secure manner. It helps you integrate internal and external processes.

Onboarding trading partners and accelerating your business is a key feature.
The keyword is ‘Integration’. Connecting your partners and exchange messages/data between your backend systems and the outside world wil help strengthening your position on the B2B market.

File Gateway

Managed file transfer enhanced with B2B integration

Process Automation

Using the ‘Graphical Process Modeler’ business flows can be designed. From a simple to a complex flow… Everything is possible. Sterling B2B Integrator offers the building blocks to build your solutions. This makes integration rigid and very flexible. You are not bound to restrictions that many other solutions have.

Data Transformation

Sterling B2B Integrator offers several solutions to transform data in the format your company needs. In the current world, data transformation is everywhere. IBM Sterling B2B Integrator can facilitate this process.

Sterling Control Center

Get control over your MFT and B2B environments


Visualizing your data using a generic tool. It’s light, fast and will help your company see the data they never saw…

  • Visualize messages, events
  • Easy to use
  • Secure
  • For business and technical users
  • Data and metadata logging

Customer Cases

PSA Antwerp

PSA Antwerp is the largest container handling in the Port of Antwerp. Exchanging a very high load of messages per day, PSA was looking for a very rigid and high volume capable application. Mathalex implemented a custom framework in IBM Sterling B2B Integrator that covered all their needs. From internal to external connections using MQ, AS2 and other high secure protocols, IBM Sterling B2B Integrator is able to handle the large amount of data exchanged each day. Additional security was added by implementing IBM Sterling Secure Proxy.

Advanced power solutions

At Advanced Power Solutions, Mathalex Implemented IBM Sterling B2B Integrator, connecting customers via secure EDI protocols with a centralized SAP system. Interfaces with factories (in Belgium and Poland) and external warehouses were also set up.

Because security is a very important feature, IBM Sterling Secure Proxy was also implemented to provide additional security.
Business and technical users were provided a web solution to follow up on the EDI messaging. Giving a lot of additional value to the entire process.

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